To learn more about access during this time, please e-mail the shop manager.

To use the N51 Edgerton CNC shop you must meet these criteria:

  • You must have at least one other person in the shop before operating a machine tool.
    Under no circumstance may students operate machine tools while alone in the shop.
  • You must be approved by Pat McAtamney (the shop manager) to use a particular machine before you may operate it.
    The shop manager will not grant that approval until convinced the user has demonstrated or documented to the manager sufficient training in its use.
  • You must, in general, limit operation of machines to the hours in which the shop is staffed.
    Refer to the shop schedule for hours.

  • With prior permission from Pat McAtamney (the shop manager), certain individuals may use the shop during unstaffed hours.
    You can only get permission on a case-by-case basis. You still cannot work alone. You still must be approved to operate a machine before using it. To obtain permission, email Pat McAtamney as far in advance as possible. The email must include who will be using the shop, which tools they will use, and the hours they intend to be working.The manager will respond as rapidly as he reasonably can, but no off-hours use of the shop is allowed until positive permission is received.

  • Under no circumstances are machine tools to be used between midnight and 6:00 AM.
    This is true even if you have permission to use the shop when it is not staffed. Additional rules for using the shop are posted in the shop. All shops rules are in force for anyone present in the shop, even if they are not using machine tools.

Area 51 Shop Manager