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Along with the original space in Building 4 - Strobe Alley - there's also the Student Shop in Bldg. 6-006 and the Area 51 CNC Machine Shop and Garage in Bldg. N51. 

Strobe Alley in Building 4

Directions to Building 4

From Main Lobby: After entering the main building (accessed from 77 Massachusetts Avenue, at the crosswalk), pass through the Main Lobby (Lobby 7), and enter the Infinite Corridor. You will pass staircases before and after Building 3.  Building 10 has a large open Lobby 10 (which opens to Killian Courtyard to the right with a view over the Charles River, and an elevator bank to the left). Just past that is Building 4 and another staircase on the right. Take these stairs to the fourth floor. The Edgerton Center is located on your right. 
The main office is Room 4-408, the Maker Space for professional development is in Room 4-409, the main classroom for outreach is in Room 4-402.

From Kendall Square / MIT T Stop: When you exit the T stop, walk down Main Street toward the flags (and away from the Charles River). Keep walking until you reach Ames Street. Turn left onto Ames Street and walk until you reach the “pointy, triangular” tip of the Ralph Landau Building (MIT Building 66). Walk around the point and keep this building on your right (if it’s raining you can walk inside this building). Go straight, hugging the buildings that are on your right. When you can go no further without running into Building 8 in front of you, go up the stairs that are slightly to the left and through the wooden doors. The Infinite Corridor is straight ahead; go straight until you see a set of stairs off to your left.  Climb these stairs to the 4th floor.  Circle around to the left until you see a hallway full of wooden cabinets and photos. This is the Edgerton Center. 

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Edgerton Center Student Shop

Directions to the Student Shop

The Edgerton Student Shop is now located in Building 6C in the basement, 006. The street address is 182 Memorial Drive (rear). 

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Area 51 CNC Student Shop

Directions to Area 51

Building N51 (also known as Area 51) is located at 275 Massachusetts Avenue. Enter the door to the right of the MIT Museum (when facing the Museum). Walk up a short flight of stairs and go through the door. On your left is a set of elevators. Go past the elevators, take a left down the ramp. Turn right and go through the double doors. Additional space known as the Milk Drop Shop for clubs and teams is located on the third floor. Take the elevator to the third floor, exit right, and the space is down the hall on the left. 

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