Build almost anything—for class, for research, or for your own use—in the Edgerton Student Shop.  Students can access training and a wide range of fabrication tools from milling machines to lathes and a 3-D printer.  

Our 6C shop is now OPEN. Please email the shop manger, Mark Belanger ( for appointment times.

Funded by MIT, with capital-equipment acquisitions covered by an endowed gift from the Lemelson Foundation, the shop offers intensive training classes of 12 hours per student. With nothing but raw materials, students learn to build machines from scratch. While mainly a metalworking shop, we also offer 3-D printing facilities on site.

Students have fabricated parts for the VERTIGO experiment, now installed in the International Space Station, and parts for a dark-matter detector installed 2,000 feet underground in New Mexico. 

Our new home is now in the basement of 6C, just off the Infinite Corridor (Campus Map). The MakerLodge Metropolis Shop is next door.


Shop trainings are currently on hold with construction beginning on our new Student Mechatronics Lab, an addition to the 6C shop. We expect trainings to resume after the shop reopens.

Weekly Calendar

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May 1, 2023

Monday - 10am - 5pm

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