The MIT Edgerton Center offers diverse molecular models for education. Our Molecule set and three Biology sets (Protein, DNA/RNA, and tRNA) provide tangible learning experiences for abstract concepts.

Using a collection of basic LEGO bricks and our free teaching materials, educators can use our Molecule sets to teach cross-cutting concepts about matter in biology, chemistry, and earth science. Each brick represents an atom, and brick colors are the universal CPK standard colors for elements. Students can model elements, compounds, and mixtures with the bricks and also model different reactions in chemistry, biology, and earth science. 

Unlike most teaching aids, our Biology sets are designed to teach what molecules do, not just what molecules look like. Because they were invented to be manipulated, educators can use the models to teach cell processes in addition to molecular structure. With the Protein sets, students can build and fold proteins, learn about hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions, demonstrate all 4 levels of protein structure, create models of proteins they know like insulin, antibodies, and more. With the DNA/RNA sets, students can explore DNA and RNA nucleotide structure, practice both simple and advanced versions of replication, model mRNA transcription, learn about DNA damage, mutations, repair, and model biotechnology techniques like gel electrophoresis and PCR that are used in labs. If you add the tRNA sets, students can also complete protein synthesis by translating the mRNA into a protein chain.

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