Guidelines for Use and Distribution of MIT Edgerton Center Curriculum

These materials are copyrighted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. STEM Enrichment Modules are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. 

You are free to copy and distribute our materials to teachers and students, provided that you acknowledge the source and retain any copyright statements on the materials.

Help others to find us by citing the MIT Edgerton Center website where much of the curriculum materials are available for download.

These materials can be adapted by individual teachers for their classroom, but the alterations to the MIT Edgerton Center materials cannot be redistributed beyond your school or host organization. 

USE OF THE MIT NAME: In your advertising materials, you may say that your program uses curriculum developed by the MIT Edgerton Center, and where appropriate, provide a link to our home pageYou may not describe your program as a partnership or collaboration with MIT or the MIT Edgerton Center.

We value feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please forward them to us at As you extend the curriculum, we would like to benefit from your creativity by adding your materials to ours, with appropriate attribution, and then making the expanded materials available to others.