With the new Biotechnology Pack, students use the DNA models to visualize and explore these basic concepts: restriction enzyme digestion, gel electrophoresis, PCR, DNA sequencing, and CRISPR-Cas9.

Biotechnology Pack is priced at $400

Biotechnology Pack

About the Biotechnology Pack

Our models are designed to teach processes, in addition to structure. They are made to be manipulated so learners can perform cellular functions with their own hands. All booklets can be used for independent learning as well as classroom lessons. Download the flyer about the MIT Edgerton Center Biotechnology Pack.

The Biotechnology Pack is intended for use with the DNA/RNA Sets, which must be purchased separately.

DNA/RNA Booklet 3 Activities:

  • Identify the 3’ and 5’ DNA ends
  • Practice restriction enzyme digestions
  • Model gel electrophoresis
  • Use DNA fingerprinting to compare sequences
  • Perform PCR cycles
  • Demonstrate Sanger sequencing with dideoxynucleotides
  • Simulate the CRISPR-Cas9 System
Biotechnology Pack Contents
  • 14 DNA/RNA Booklet 3
  • 14 Phage DNA Strips
  • 14 Gel Electrophoresis Mats
  • 14 Cas9 Protein Mats

The Biotechnology Pack provides additional curriculum for the DNA/RNA Set, which must be purchased separately. Please be aware that the Biotechnology Pack does not include the DNA/RNA Set.

Teaching with the Biotechnology Pack

MIT Edgerton Center Biotechnology Teacher Guide coming soon!

For now, please download:

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Models and lessons

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Lessons and graphics