MIT Wind is an undergraduate design team focused on innovating the next generation of wind energy systems. 

The United States has pledged 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030 – an ambitious but necessary target for decarbonization of the electricity sector. What steps does the US need to take to stay on track for success? MIT Wind focuses on the technical, logistical, ecological, and societal implications of adding renewable wind energy to the electricity generation mix. 

Undergraduates in MIT Wind compete in the Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC), an annual design competition hosted by the US Department of Energy. There are three elements to the CWC: 1) design, prototype, build, and test a 45 cm diameter model offshore wind turbine; 2) Site and develop a hypothetical, utility scale wind farm; and 3) engage in wind energy outreach with schools, stakeholders, and industry partners. 

Our mission as an organization is to: 

  • Enable undergraduate students to work on hands-on challenges in wind energy engineering 
  • Connect MIT students with the wind energy industry and with stakeholders in the greater Boston area
  • Build educational resources to promote the renewable energy transition

Join us and help shape our new clean, carbon-free future!


Number of Members:
13 members in 2023-2024

Team leaders:
Kirby Heck

Year Began:

Michael Howland

Milkdrop, N51

Upcoming Events
biweekly general body meetings on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm in 1-131. Next is 10/17. 

Team Website
coming soon

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