Our hands-on science, engineering, and maker opportunities educate and inspire kindergarten through high school students and educators promoting curiosity, skill-building, and life-long learning in science and engineering.

Focused on the Greater Boston area with selected out-of-state and foreign endeavors, the Edgerton Center’s multifaceted approach supports over 150 on-campus classroom field trips annually, plus intensive summer programsinnovative curricula, and teacher professional development

Thanks to the support of the Edgerton Family Foundation, the GE Foundation, the Highland Street Foundation as well as the generous support of MIT alumni, students, and friends, the Edgerton Center provides many of these opportunities at no, or minimal, cost.

Additionally, we have trained 1000's of teachers in hands-on techniques in science, engineering, and art. We offer many free resources for teachers.  

We would also like to thank our collaborative relationships with other groups at and outside of MIT. These partners include, but are not limited to, the Center for Environmental Health Sciences, the MIT MuseumGreater Lawrence Technical SchoolCambridge Public Schools, and Boston Public Schools.

Looking for Professional Development?

Atoms & Molecules Workshops (Currently on Hold)

Transform your teaching of abstract chemical concepts (atoms, molecules, chemical reactions and photosynthesis) through hands-on methods.


DNA Workshops

Professional development for teachers, nurses, and professionals to better understand molecular processes for DNA replication and gene expression.


Maker Workshops

Develop tech/Maker skills, design Maker projects for an academic classroom, and learn how to set up and run a Makerspace.


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