The Combat Robotics Club is MIT’s premier destination for robot combat sports. We’ve designed a wide array of robots with a variety of high energy tools to violently disable each other’s bot.

In the past three seasons of the BattleBots Television show, MIT CRC has fielded Sawblaze, The Dentist, and Uppercut. In our most recent appearance we fielded Uppercut, a 250-lb vertical spinner, equipped with a 200mph, 60-lb spinning steel bar. We took Uppercut all the way to the quarterfinals with a 4 win 2 loss record, having been stopped by Biteforce, the eventual tournament winner.

In addition to building heavy weights for the BattleBots TV show, our members work on smaller robots, from 3 to 30 lbs for a variety of local and regional competitions, like Massdestruction here in Boston, the Franklin Institute and Motorama competitions in Pennsylvania.


Number of Members:
30 members in 2023-2024

Team leaders:
Anhad Sawhney

Year Began:

Chris Mayer


Upcoming Events:
We will be competing in MassDestruction in December, and plan to compete regularly in NHRL next year. An in-house battlebots competition hosted by us on MIT campus is also in the works. 

Team Website: