The MIT Rocket Team is currently designing a groundbreaking two-stage collegiate rocket poised to reach halfway to space, while also actively competing in the Spaceport America Cup.

Currently, the team is in the design phase of Project Medusa, a rocket projected to reach 180,000 ft, greater than halfway to space.

Project Medusa will incorporate many lessons from the previous rocket, Project Phoenix. This includes more advanced avionics, improved deployment mechanisms, and most importantly, a higher target altitude.

Project Phoenix was successfully launched at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry in California last January. Built with larger and stronger fins than its predecessor Staging Demo II, as well as new custom-made motors and propellant, Project Phoenix reached an altitude of 32,000 ft.

In addition to building rockets as a team, they provide their members with the tools and knowledge to earn amateur-rocketry certifications through the National Association of Rocketry.


Number of Members:
80 members in 2023-2024

Team leaders: 
President: Jorian Benke
Vice President: Vaneeza Rupani

Year began: 

Building 17

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Membership is open to all MIT students and new members are always welcome at our meetings. Reach out to for more information.

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