MIT Edgerton Center tRNA Sets
  • tRNA Model
  • tRNA Booklet Cover

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About the set

Unlike most teaching aids, the MIT models are designed to teach what the molecules do, not just what molecules look like. These injection molded molecules are made to be manipulated.  In this way educators can teach abstract concepts in concrete ways.  Students can perform translation (with the DNA/RNA and Protein Sets). Diverse populations including English language learners, middle schoolers, and AP biology students all have found the learning experience interesting and memorable. 

Download the flyer about our MIT Edgerton Center tRNA sets.  Click here for our explanation of why a tRNA classroom set only has 4 kits.  Inquire about ordering here.

The set contains:

  • 4 tRNA Kits
  • 4 tRNA Booklet 1

Click here to watch a video showing student and teacher workshops using our LEGO prototype sets: DNA/RNA, Protein, and tRNA.

Teacher guides and videos

MIT Edgerton Center tRNA Videos coming soon!

tRNA Teacher Guide and Set Explanation

For additional resources, visit our LEGO prototype sets webpage

Additional resources

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Models and Lessons created by Kathleen M. Vandiver.  Graphics by Amanda Mayer.  ©MIT. All rights reserved.