Arcturus is MIT’s autonomous robotics team. We specialize in marine robotics and are currently building a boat and underwater vehicle from scratch, both of which will be autonomous!

Last year, we debuted as a team in RoboBoat 2022, an annual international competition in Sarasota, Florida where students design and build a small autonomous surface vehicle (boat) to complete a variety of tasks that mimic real-world challenges facing the maritime industry. During our first year as a team, Arcturus came in 3rd place in the design portion of the competition and 4th place in the autonomous challenge. We are hoping to do even better this year, especially since we can continue to build off of our existing base platform. Our surface vehicle will also compete in the Njord Challenge in mid-August in Norway. We’re very excited about the progress we’ve made, and we’re excited to make a big splash at competition. We are growing rapidly, and just this year, we’ve tripled in size from 20 to around 60 members.

Keep up with us on Instagram @mit.arcturus or on Tik Tok @mitarcturus!


Number of Members:
27 members in 2021-2022

Team leaders:
Audrey Chen

Year Began:

Andrew Bennett

Location: Sea Grant Lab, NW98

Upcoming Events
We are currently planning an outreach event at the Boston Children's Museum for later this month!

Team Website