Students for Exploration and ​Development of Space (SEDS) is a club for anyone who loves space. 

As an umbrella organization, SEDS runs multiple social events, outreach programs, and technical projects. In collaboration with the Edgerton Center, SEDS is currently developing a small satellite as a technological demonstration of thrusters from MIT's Space Propulsion Lab.

Current Projects

Cubesat Build

We are building ADORE, a 1U cubesat designed to use electrospray thrusters to perform ADCS and orbit raising. Check out our website at Please contact itorres'at' and manweic'at' if interested in joining!

Become an Astronaut (Neutral Buoyancy Competition)

Ever wanted to be an astronaut? MIT SEDS is preparing to recreate a neutral buoyancy system used to train NASA astronauts right here at MIT during the annual "Become an astronaut competition". Participants will test their mettle and compete with each other to perform astronaut related tasks at the MIT pool. Want to get involved with this event? Contact nmehrle'at'!

Climate CubeSat Co-Building (C3)

Members of SEDS at MIT are volunteering to help high schoolers build a cubesat. Volunteers are teaching topics that will allow the high schoolers to build their own satellite. Contact manweic'at' for more info.


Number of Members:
34 members in 2020-2021

Team leaders: 
Manwei Chan
Nicholas Mehrle

Year began: 

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