Become an Edgerton Center Community Member

Edgerton Center Community Members have card access to the 4-409 shop!

To become a Community Member you need to:

  • complete EHS online safety training (see details below)
  • agree to abide by the MIT Makerlodge policies (complete this form)
  • ask for an in-person Orientation in the lab during mentored hours.

The EHS online safety training includes 2 courses: Intro to MIT Shop Safety Rules and Hazard Communication.  You can access these courses on Atlas as follows:
Visit  > click on Learning Center  > click on My Profile tab  > click on Join a Group button  > search for Edgerton  > select Edgerton Community Member training group  > click on Join Group button  > click on My Training Needs tab -- the list of required training will appear.

If you have already completed the courses for another lab, the completion status will be available to us when you join the Training Group.

Once the above steps are completed, send an email to to request card access.


Questions? Contact us at