Look at the world with open eyes. Wonder. Question. Explore. Reflect.

Watch for the night sky, again and again, with your own eyes.  Catch a shadow; where is it next?  Spot something, move, view again.  Share observing activities with classmates, people in history and indigenous practices.  Construct geometry together.  Discover geometrical and human relations through diverse perspectives. Explore hands-on with instruments and methods from historical times. Listen to voices of others, now and in the past.   Examine injustice; question what produces and perpetuates it.  Build community that is relational, accepting, and antiracist.  Encourage each other’s curiosity, vulnerability and growth. 

Readings, journal, observations, collaborations, and a final reflective paper. Past projects include: following shadows; watching the sky; art projects with historical methods; making educational videos; collaborative experiments; conference presentations; enacting historical and feminist drama; MIT History… Whatever your interests, this is a place to explore them.

Your own story uncovers insights for educational research.

What will you notice and question, explore and express?

Contact: Elizabeth Cavicchi ecavicch@mit.edu

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TR 3-5pm (fall, spring)
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E. Cavicchi