Want to fold that turtle?

Want to really get into origami?  Appreciate turtles perhaps?  Fold your own flying turtle and learn about complex origami in this 5 day workshop.

Here’s how it works:

This turtle is folded entirely from a single uncut square, but we will be practicing on separate sheets for each of its features. You will be introduced to crease patterns and how read them, basic box pleating theory, and transitions. Since this model is complex, instead of full diagrams there will be demonstrations, partial diagrams, 3D folding simulations, a crease pattern reference sheet, and precreasing for the full model will done through vinyl cutter.

Limited to 15; materials provided. Experience with origami recommended (but doesn't matter if you're motivated).

Registration and Schedule

REGISTER HERE: https://forms.gle/mru5R5sVN8MhDQra7

Each day will focus on a different part of the model and introduce new origami concepts:
Wed Jan 19: Wings & intro to crease patterns
Thurs Jan 20: Shell pattern + Fins & intro to basic box pleating
Fri Jan 21: Head & intro to transitions
Mon Jan 24: Transitions
Tues Jan 25: Integrated model
Wed Jan 26:(optional) more help + photoshoot

Each session meets from 5:30-7:30pm in 4-402 (except Tues Jan 25 - meet in 4-409) over weeks 3-4 of IAP.

Contact dequin@mit.edu for any questions.

APPLY by Mon Jan 3, 2021, 11:59 pm EST - Lottery if needed.