Edgerton Student Project Lab

The Edgerton Center Student Project Lab (Room 4-409) is home to a community of students who meet to tinker, experiment, design, build, learn, and have fun while doing it. 

The space is designed to provide inspiration and promote inquiry, while encouraging community and collaboration. Tools and materials are available to support projects that involve combinations of mechanical, electronic, artistic, and musical elements.

Become an Edgerton Center Community Member

Edgerton Center Community Members have access to the shop during open hours (per signup and occupancy restrictions).
To become a Community Member you will need to complete EHS online safety training, agree to abide by the MIT Makerlodge policies, and attend an in-person Orientation class

For the EHS online safety training follow these steps:

Visit atlas.mit.edu  > click on Learning Center  > click on My Profile tab  > click on Join a Group button  > search for Edgerton  > select Edgerton Community Member training group  > click on Join Group button  > click on My Training Needs tab the list of required training will appear.

Due to Covid there are a number of new safety policies and procedures that all users must follow.  Review the MIT Makerlodge Policies and agree to abide by them on this form

Go to the Hours page to sign up for  

  • Orientation
  • Hour-long blocks of shop access
  • Tool training classes (where you can make your own Aurora BEAVERalis!)