MITERS provides the MIT community with the tools, knowledge, and space needed to make their projects come to fruition. In addition, we have a vibrant community of students and alumni who are happy to answer questions, teach new users how to user our tools, or just hang out.  Our members work on a variety of mechanical, electronic and software projects, like electric vehicles, console emulators, combat robots, Tesla coils, Rubik’s cube solving robots, custom CNC mills, 240v electrostatic headphones, and much more.

MITERS (the MIT Electronic Research Society) has been MIT's non-profit, student-run laboratory for hacking electronics and mechatronics since 1976.


Number of Members:
16 members in 2019-2020

Team Lead:
Jonhenry Poss

Year Began:

Location: N52-115

Noteable Projects:

Shown above are the Rubik's Cube solver and the Digital Laser Projector. Descriptions of those, and other projects, are at the MITERS site.

Join the Team:
You can drop by when MITERS is open, or check out the website!

Team Website: