The MIT Robotics Team is home to students from all over the world, majoring at MIT in everything from Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics to Physics and Business.

 Along with our diversity, we share a common passion for the field of robotics. We explore exciting new technology, learn critical skills, and promote our shared love of robotics by entering competitions here and abroad. In the past we've competed in Nasa Robo-Ops (2nd Place), and Robocup Rescue (10th place). Since we are dedicated to our goal of exploring new spaces for the application of robotics, we are not a competition-specific team, but rather cycle through different competitions in two-three year cycles. Our team is split into three sub-teams: MechE, EE, and CS. Each team tackles the challenges presented by competitions in their specific fields, but work collaboratively throughout the season to ensure a seamless integration in our final system output. 


Number of Members:
25 members in 2021-2022

Team leaders: 
Kenneth Muhammad

Year began: 

Russ Tedrake

Aptive, Maxon Motors, Edgerton Center, Ruland, American Muscle

Milkdrop, N51


Team Update
Starting in 2019, we began working on the Robocup Small Size League Soccer competition for Division B. For Spring 2022 however, we are taking a break on Robocup and working on the PacBot Competition at Harvard University.

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