Molecule Set

Teach abstract concepts in concrete ways.

Using a collection of basic LEGO® bricks, educators can teach cross-cutting concepts about matter in biology, chemistry, and earth science. 

Obtaining the Set

You can collect the LEGO bricks yourself and put together your own kits. LEGO bricks can be obtained online or at a LEGO store (online or in person). All of our instruction mats, student worksheets, teacher guides, etc. are available to download on this page.

Download the 2-page PDF icon Molecules-Sets-Overview.pdf document to learn more.

Chemical Reactions

Students are introduced to molecules, atoms, chemical notation, and chemical compounds through an engaging hands-on wet lab, and models of atoms made with LEGO bricks.

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This lesson allows students to concretely experience the photosynthesis reaction by building models of the reactants and products with LEGO bricks.

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Understanding Air

Using LEGO bricks as atoms, the students build a model of air and then combust fuel models to produce additional carbon dioxide and air pollutants.

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Understanding Oceans

Understanding Oceans emphasizes important chemical reactions in the ocean using LEGO bricks for modeling atoms.

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Various Additional Modules

Several additional reactions have been modeled with LEGO bricks - students build the reactants and products using a layout mat.

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