PCBs!!!!!!!!! This class teaches the basics of Printed-Circuit-Board (PCB) schematic design, layout engineering, population, and debugging. General engineering design principals provide a base for learning for the entire class, hands-on education is also stressed through lab components.

Class contains three tracks. Track 1: little to no experience with electrical design or PCBs in general, students design and build a bluetooth speaker. Track 2: more extensive prior experience, students build a more complex project, focus on motors and motor control. Track 3: extensive design experience, focus on special topics including flexible PCBs and RF. All tracks meet together. Class additionally covers details on batteries, impedance matching, motors, motor control, RF, flexible PCBs, design for manufacturing, and analysis.

You WILL BUILD THINGS IN THIS CLASS, this includes the PCB you design. We will teach you to solder microcontrollers, populate small components with precision, and how to SYSTEMATICALLY test and debug your PCB. Order of population and testing is stressed, by-hand population is required. 

NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED, OPEN TO ALL. Uses the industry-standard software Altium Designer (licenses provided).

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Subject Level
Subject Number
EC.S03/ 6.S092
MWF1-2:30 (Lecture), Lab TBD
Zamir, L.; Mehrohtra, A.; Moseley, F.