Ed Moriarty

Ed has been with the Edgerton Center since 2000. He is the instructor for the fall EC.A790 Engineering, Art, and Science First Year Advising Seminar (co-taught with Christian Cardozo) and is involved in the high school levels of our K–12 outreach program, where he has focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) outreach, initiating programs and partnerships from Florida to Alaska that inspire in young students a love for engineering.

Always willing to follow students’ lead and to let them discover their own voice, Moriarty offers the intellectual and emotional support that enables students of all ages to learn to engineer by doing. Ed also works with closely with student clubs and teams.

Watch the seven-minute Engineering Design Workshop video from MIT News.


Internal MIT Programs I have supported:  
Office of Engineering Outreach Programs: MITES, SEED 
Office of Minority Education: Interphase 
Admissions Office: WISE, CP*/FRED, CPW 
MIT Museum Studio and Compton Gallery 
MIT Museum: Nord Anglia Education Outreach 
MISTI/Global Teaching Labs 
Mechanical Engineering Department: Instructor 
Aeronautics and Astronautics Department: Education rider for NSF grant Alumni Office 
Office of the First Year 
Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL) 
MIT Resource Development 
Science and Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT) 
Lemelson-MIT Program: InvenTeams / EurekaFest 
Mexican American Engineering Society (MAES) 

Outreach Activities and programs:
The Saturday Thing: 2002-present
Engineering Design Workshop: 2008-present
HoPE ("Hands on Physics Experience"): 2017-present

  • A. Roiti" HS in Ferrara, Italy (2018-present)
  • Physics and Earth Science Dept. of Ferrara's University (2018-present)
  • INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) branch of Ferrara

"Tech Projects", Escola Batxillerats – CIC, Barcelona, Spain: 2018-present
FIX-IT Clinics: 2015-present
Penobscot Indian Island School: 2021
MIT Playful Journey Lab: "Thrifty Maker Study": 2019

  • Sr A Thimmaiah Reddy Gov’t High School, Bangalore, India

US China Scitech Education Promotion Association: 2012-2019

  • Workshops, Presentations, Competitions in Beijing and Workshops at MIT

Community School of Naples: 2015

  • Outreach programs for numerous schools

James F. Doughty School, Bangor Maine: 2013
University of Alaska, Fairbanks: Alaska Summer Research Academy: 2008-2012

  • Engineering and Photography modules for 2-week summer camp at UAF
  • Numerous winter and spring outreach trips to towns and off-road Yup’ik and Athabaskan villages

Juneau Economic Development Council: Super SeaPerch Teacher PD: 2012
NSWC Carderock Division: SeaGlide outreach activities: 2011-2013
Cambridge Science Festival
"Underwater Dreams" movie production: 2014/5
MIT Southwest Florida Alumni: 2010-2012
Edison and Ford Winter Estates: 2010-12
Gloucester Education Foundation: 2008-2009
Machine Science
FIRST Robotics: 2002-2012
"Bot Bowl": 2005
The Education Cooperative: Gifted and Talented Program: 1993-2003