Designing cleaner vehicles

MIT graduate student Adi Mehrotra ’22 is working on sustainable solutions in vehicle design, including a hydrogen-powered motorcycle.
Graduate student Adi Mehrotra ’22 is developing sustainable solutions in vehicle design.
Olivia Young | Office of Graduate Education

Adi Mehrotra knew that his time at MIT wasn’t up yet when he finished his undergraduate degree in 2022. During his first four years at the Institute, he was a critical member of the Solar Electric Vehicle Team (SEVT) and eventually led the group to victory in a five-day, 900-mile race. Later, he translated the skills he learned from SEVT to a summer internship in Ghana with the startup Moving Health, where he worked on low-cost ambulances that could transport patients from remote villages to medical care, without relying on gasoline. But there were still more projects he wanted to tackle.

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